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Alternative: Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wife ,Doctor Divino: Hija De La Primera Esposa ,Shén Yī Dí Nǚ ,명의 봉우리 : 태자의 연인 ,神医嫡女 ,神醫嫡女
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Author(s): Ping Ping Jun;Yang Shi Liu
Genre: Drama, Historical, Manhua, Romance, Shoujo,
Status: Ongoing
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Feng Yuheng, a Super-A military medical officer of Land Force in the 21st Century, travels through time and possesses the body of the second daughter of the Feng family. However, her half sister and the hostess of the family bully her and even try to chase her out of the family. But it doesn’t matter for the emperor cares for her, empress dowager protects her~ but what about that damned engagement with that prince?

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Maybe coming in the next issue